I believe in the power of creativity and innovation to design a successful company. 

I support organizations in every part of the innovation process, from creativity and transformation to digitalization. How? By focusing on the fuzzy creative process and a customer-centered design to develop products and services for the future.

Innovations provide large opportunities for companies to rewrite rules of the game. One person’s problem is another’s opportunity. Innovative companies create new businesses, and new businesses in return create jobs, intensify competition, and may even increase productivity through technological change.

I have 4+ years of experience in Creativity and Innovation Research, Ethnographic Research, Human-centered Design, Strategic Design, Agile Product Management, Innovation Management and Training, Creativity-change Management in technology-driven industries.

I offer to energetically support companies in innovation, incubation and commercialization projects.

Over the last years I was lucky enough to work with many amazing people and brands such as Red Bull, Mercedes, Miele, Plista, Sparkasse, HPI D-School, re:publica, CreativeMornings, Sturm&Drang, denkmodell, Freie Universität Berlin, friendsurance, flightright, wimdu, MIZ, CINC and more.