I believe in the power of creativity and innovation to design a successful company. 

I support organizations in every part of the innovation process, from creativity and transformation to digitalization. How? By focusing on the fuzzy creative process and a customer-centered design to develop products and services for the future.

I offer a range of workshops and talks within the creativity, innovation and technology fields. These can be booked as separate talks, or mixed together or as part of a longer session/workshop. The talks are about 45 minutes long, and workshops may range from 1 to 3 days.

Over the last years I was lucky enough to work with many amazing people and brands such as Red Bull, Mercedes, HPI D-School, re:publica, CreativeMornings, Sturm&Drang, denkmodell, Freie Universität Berlin, friendsurance, flightright, wimdu, MIZ, CINC and more. 

My workshops may include the following content: 

1) Product&Service Development / Prototyping

With Design Thinking and other creative methods, we develop together ideas and prototypes to test, iterate and build new products and services. 

2) Business Model Design

With Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas, we identify the pains and gains from your customer to discover new revenue streams and increase efficiency. 

3) Mindset&Culture

During an ethnographic study, I analyse your creative culture to give advice for improvements. I support you in implementing your processes to digital transformations and to innovation change processes.