Creativity as a process of developing and pressing novel ideas for solving or satisfying needs.

I am a passionate creativity researcher. My research interests are in the field of creative and innovative culture in companies.

Creativity lies at the core of all human behavior – in teaching, research, invention, innovation, entrepreneurship, management and leadership. I believe, to my core, that everybody has the potential to be creative – whatever form that creativity takes – and that to encourage such developments is a noble thing. The skill to spot opportunities and create new ways to exploit them is at the heart of every innovation process  and creativity may play the main role in this process.

I seek to find out how, when and where companies are creative and why some companies are more creative than others. Interesting to me are the blocks that get in the way, often without us noticing, and hinder the creativity that resides within any company. In my research I mostly use the qualitative methodology of ethnography.

In addition, I enjoy working as a lecturer for Innovation Management, Creativity and Strategic Design. In addition to imparting basic technical and methodological knowledge on innovation management and strategic design, my focus is on the practical implementation of digital innovations, taking into account an agile creative process.

My publication:

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